The Journey to Self Renewal ~ I welcome you to my website

  You are already on your journey by being here, in this present moment. I believe we all have the inner power and inner love to transform our way of being in our lives through reiki healing.....if we can only allow ourselves to receive.

I get asked quite often the main question....''What is Reiki?''

All Reiki practitioners follow the golden rules in their learning, and like most people in all different professions, we add our unique gifts to our work.

There is plenty of information regarding histories of Reiki in search engines, however, I would like to share with you my experiences and my connection to the life force energy that is Reiki and how I got here.

Ever since I was child I have always had this need to want to help people feel better.  From an early age I have experienced anxiety, throughout my teenage years and into my twenties it became more apparent. I had my own business as a beauty therapist in a salon, and in my late twenties/early thirties it was then that Reiki found me. 

It got to a point where the panic attacks were waking me from my sleep, and were popping out of nowhere when I was trying to work.  This was frightening and at the time I was scared and tried to detach my Self, from myself.  When in fact, our Self is trying to help ourself to stop.  I had a heart monitor on for a week (all was fine), and the doctors prescribed anti depressants.  This was a whole new world to me.  I got the medication but was fearful of taking it.  

One of my clients at the time was a Reiki healer.  And the rest of the story has carried me through till this day.  I didn't need to take the medication, I had regular Reiki sessions until I didn't need them anymore.  Of course I still get times when I feel anxiety, but I now know how I am feeling and the reasons why, how to adjust, and not to let it take over me.



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Reiki Treatment

HOW REIKI WORKS ~ a brief message

The whole planet & everything that is within, is all made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies.  Our human bodies have an energy field (aura) around us, meridians (energy channels) that flows through us, and chakra points ( like wheels of energy) that spin and rotate all at different frequencies.  Reiki itself is a connection to love.  When I say love, this is what people may call God, higher consciousness, universe, source, all these words, I feel, have the same meaning, they all are a connection to love.  This is a gift that can be experienced by anyone, any age, any gender and any religion.   
This is a safe and gentle practice to invoke healing on all physical and energetic systems that penetrates through my hands when working with your energy.  The intent & guidance from the divine connection to love creates healing  where it needs to go, to the chakras that need unblocking, to what deep coded stuck energy that needs releasing, and so much more.  Let us root to rise.


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THE HEALING                          £75

The time we invest in each other is 2 hours.  I include part of this time to prior your arrival, meditating and connecting using the angel cards.  I feel this gives me a great sense of where the energy needs healing, and setting intentions bespoke to you.  When you arrive, we discuss whether this resonates and set the intentions together.  I carry out the healing and we have a chat about how you felt, and give you feedback or aftercare from the healing.  I send you the meditation and reading to your email or your phone, whichever is best for you.  There would be lists and lists of how you can feel during the healing, everyone is different, and the experience is unique to everyone.  Please contact for more information. 

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DISTANT HEALING                £65

This practice is the exact same offering as THE HEALING, and can be channeled anywhere in the world.  I have treated many clients with distant healing, being as far as Australia and also in Ireland.  This is also a great way to send healing to a loved one, or pet, plant, anything that can't be in my physical presence.  As long as the recipient is open and aware and willing to receive the healing, then this is a great gift to give.  The price difference is reflected in the fact that I can't offer a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea, or a hug!  Please check out the testimonials.




I use the same principles of meditating and connecting with your energy to feel and write down what is around you in this present moment, what blocks are holding you back, and what can help you navigate a little easier on the path you are on right now.  This is general guidance from the divine connection that you can keep and read at your leisure, to help process the messages that come through at a time when you need it most.   



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